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26 Oct 2018

Researchers from Queen’s University Belfast and the University of Leeds, as part of a pan-European partnership called the European Cancer Concord (ECC) ®, have won the prestigious 2018 European Health Award.

This award honours initiatives that help tackle some of Europe’s most pressing health challenges.


The award-winning project, entitled ‘The European Cancer Patient’s Bill of Rights: A Catalyst for Change and an empowerment tool for cancer patients across Europe’ involves an equal partnership between cancer patients, healthcare professionals and cancer researchers.

Professor Mark Lawler, Vice President of the European Cancer Concord (ECC), today received the award on behalf of ECCO during the opening ceremony of the European Health Forum Gastein, the premier European Health Policy Conference and an official event of the Austrian European Council Presidency. 

25 Jul 2018

Susan Richman from the Leeds Institute of Cancer and Pathology obtained £1120 from the Medical Research Council (MRC)  to fund a stand  at the MRC’s Festival of Medical Research.  The stand titled, ‘So, just what is personalised Medicine?’ was split into three sections, with the first aiming to bust the stigma around bowel cancer screening, incorporating a game and a competition.

Almac Diagnostics Highlight Potential Benefits of Personalised Cancer Medicine
31 Jul 2016

In a novel public engagement event designed to showcase the potential benefits of personalised cancer medicine, Almac Diagnosticsa leading personalised medicine company, opened its doors to cancer patients in Northern Ireland enabling them to see “Science in Action” and how partnerships between industry and academia have the potential to benefit patients suffering from the disease.

Speaking at this special event, Jo-Anne Dobson, local Member of the Northern Ireland Assembly (Parliament) for Upper Bann and recently elected Chair of the All Party Group on Cancer said “This is a really important event for cancer patients as it allows them to see first-hand how a local company with an international reputation is working to develop new tests that can make a difference in this deadly disease”.

As part of the event, cancer patients had the opportunity to step inside the laboratories at Almac Diagnostics and meet some of the scientists who are involved in this innovative work.

Prof Paul Harkin, President and Managing Director of Almac Diagnostics commented “Almac are delighted to be involved with the S:CORT precision medicine initiative. We are fully committed to the advancement of personalised medicine and are currently developing a number of predictive and prognostic diagnostic tests with utility for colon cancer patients.”

The S:CORT Consortium highlights how collaboration between all stakeholders - patients, researchers, healthcare professionals, industry, research charities and policy organisations can be so effective. “Working in silos does not help the patient” said Prof Lawler. “Yes, we need to compete – not against each other but against our common enemy – Cancer” 

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